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Thank you so much for the getaway trip for me and my husband. I saw your giveaway and was excited to think I’d be able to have some R&R time with my hubby. Time away from the hustle of jobs and kids.

We are both veterans and still operate on the “embrace the suck and press on” mentality, so to have a pre-planned and paid for vacation was an immense blessing. I have also been able to recommend your foundation to other veterans in the valley and seen them get to enjoy some in town and out of town R&R that brings many smiles and moments of joy amidst chaos and busyness.

Sarahbeth Simonson, Air Force Veteran

I want to give a big shout-out to the Tour Of Duty organization.  I was selected to participate in a sockeye fishing trip.  We laughed, joked, bonded, and caught limits on sockeye. All of the world’s problems melted away and lasting friendships were formed that day. Kudos,  it was a memorable day.  As a Vietnam veteran, it was a welcome home that we never received so long ago. 

Dean Bolt

Since becoming a part of tour of duty 2 years ago I have become more active within the veteran community and outside of the veteran community as well. This organization has given me a new support network if I ever need help or someone to talk to and I’ve met so many amazing people in this organization and I’ve gained new friends along the way.

Shawn Hudson

Tour of Duty has been a great organization bringing veterans together and getting vets out and about doing things. I personally enjoyed a guided goose hunt where the hunting was tough but spending the day with fellow vets made it a great experience where friendships were made and stories were told. I also had the opportunity to take a couple of founding members out on a fishing trip that was a fun day with lots of great conversation on how to help out the organization and fellow vets down the road. It has been a great group to meet motivated and dedicated people looking to serve our veteran community.

Dan Patterson, U.S. Navy Veteran

Let’s talk about how Tour of Duty came into my life at just the right time. Picture this: I’m dealing with some newly diagnosed anxiety, thinking it’s going to torpedo my career in the Navy Reserve. But, nope, my leadership and medical team were like, ‘Chill, Chief, your job’s safe.’ Big relief, right? So here comes my pal Joshua Scott, an Army vet who’s practically married to the great outdoors. He hooks me up with this veteran’s group on Facebook doing a pheasant hunt. Being a South Texas guy who loves a good hunt, I tossed my name in the hat and bingo, got picked for the 2022 hunt. This wasn’t just any old weekend. It was like finding an oasis in the desert. There I was, fresh on my meds, hanging with vets who just get it, no explanations needed. We’re out there, enjoying some fine whiskey, puffing on cigars, and swapping stories. And, man, getting a break from my seven kids at home – that was golden. That weekend did more for me than I can put into words. It was a milestone, a real turning point. It wasn’t just about hunting; it was about connecting, unwinding, and finding a bit of peace with folks who’ve walked the same path. Big thanks to Tour of Duty for that. It wasn’t just a pheasant hunt; it was a much-needed lifeline.

Victor Nav, U.S. Navy Active

I believe that the Tour of Duty is a very helpful and generous non profit to our local veteran community. When we first heard about Tour of Duty I was at another veterans event they where helping out with. Cortlin had a conversation with my wife while I was out fishing and with everything that he told her, she believed we could try to help out with this good cause. We have been able to donate some of the money that was raised from an event that I put on every year to TOD and I know that it all goes back to our veteran community. Cortlin and some of his board members have been to this function and for them to support our event like they do is much appreciated. I have helped organize their Annual Golf Tournament ( going into our 3rd year!). The first year we had 37 teams and last year we hit our goal at 50 teams. Both years the money that was raised and donated went right back into The Tour of Duty to be able to help our local veteran community. This year our goal is 72 teams and like always, it’s a lot of fun and good fellowship. My wife and I both believe in where this organization is headed and their creedo and we enjoy helping out in anyway we can.

Patrick Peterson, U.S. Navy Veteran

As a younger veteran with a family, Tour of Duty has been instrumental in helping me create and continue relationships. I went on an overnight trip for pheasant hunting in central Wa. The ability for me to link up with other veterans, and experience a fun time was unimaginable. I would have never met some of the folks I met that weekend had it not been for Tour of Duty. The organization also does a phenomenal job of weekend getaways, overnight trips and other events catering to getting veterans out and into the community. I’m grateful for Tour of Duty.

Josh Scott, U.S. Army

I was able to go on a guided field hunt with Tour of Duty, Not only were we able to knock some geese and ducks out of the sky but got to meet and hunt with a great group of guys. It was an awesome experience.

Josh Powell, U.S. Marine Corps.

Not everyone understands what I’ve been through. I can’t talk or speak about it because it falls on deaf ears. Being around Vets makes me feel better. I can let my guard down to a point. It’s unwritten. Thanks for putting this together to get like minded vets around each other.

Lance Merz, U.S. Army

I participated in a fishing trip hosted by tour of duty and operation catching freedom. It was an amazing experience, we also won a trip to the water park for the family and that was a great way to involve the whole family. That’s hard to do when kids start teaching teen years and very few things seem cool to do with family.. This organization has given me a new support network if I ever need help or someone to talk to and I’ve met so many amazing people in this organization and I’ve gained new friends along the way.

Maryanne, U.S. Army

The first time I seen TOD Facebook page it was for a night out at the Steamplant in Spokane, and I wanted to know more about the organization, so I entered, thinking what can it hurt, well a few days go by and I get an email asking for my DD214 because my number was closest! I was thrilled to have been able to take my wife out and tell her how organizations like TOD help other Veterans, not only in trips such as these but other events that help build the Veteran community stronger. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

Walt Sweetser, USMC

I became involved with Tour of Duty through their golf fundraiser tournament. I was not aware that I needed the support given by this organization. I wasn’t considering suicide. However my best friend Gary Clements did commit suicide in Dec. 2018 We were inseparable when we served together and after we retired together he moved to Wenatchee because I was here. After I met Cortlin and the crew, I realized how much I was hurting and just maybe I could make a difference in another vet’s life. I was selected to go on a Salmon trip with some great guys (Dean,Kyle, Cortlin) and as Dean stated it was a great trip and bonding with fellow veterans who all served during very different times, with similar experiences in service and post service. I now consider these fellow veterans as friends and would have likely never met them if not for Tour of Duty. Cortlin and the crew do an amazing job of presenting a multitude of various activities and events that veterans can apply to be selected for! This past year my wife and I were selected for a concert night out and a Wenatchee Wild hockey game that I was able to share with fellow veterans. BZ (Bravo Zulu) Cortlin you are making a difference 👏

Ken Hinners, U.S. Navy

Hi. TOD has been great for getting out in the Veteran community this past year. And I really appreciate all of the hard work that is put into this organization! The giveaways are awesome. 😁 I am single and so I have a pic with my dog for the contests. Lol. I won a giveaway for dinner and a movie and love that I was able to share with two of my women veteran friends! We had a great time. Thank You! 🥰

Sherri L Van Dyke, USMC

The Tour of Duty duck hunt was great. Camaraderie, jokes, and flying dinners; what else did we need. This group defiantly goes out of their way to pull you into the group and have fun and make new friends. I reccommend all vet sung up for their programs. Best thing I did all year!!!

Ethan, U.S. Navy Retired

A great organization that lets vets out there to unwind around like minded folk, or the chance to get away with your spouse. I personally had a great time with the group on the 2023 pheasant hunt. Good hunt, good laughs, fun times.

Ryan Morrison, Air Force

I had the privilege of meeting Tour of Duty a couple of years ago at a fishing gathering. It was nothing shy of incredible being with this group and learning about it. I’ve had Tour of Duty reach out to me when they knew I was going through a hard time, I can’t say how much I love and appreciate this foundation.

Brandi Wyffels, U.S. Navy





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